Kindle Is The Future: Kindle Self-Publishing Guide

Kindle Is The Future: Kindle Self-Publishing Guide

I love the Kindle Self-Publishing Guide because it’s very easy and simple. Undeniably, kindle books are very demanding in the market today and because of this so many want to be a kindle author. Writing is just one of the things you need to finish when making a book. There is more to book writing than you think. Finishing a book has five important steps: Outline Making, Writing, Editing, Publishing and Promotion. This article will focus on the fourth step – publishing.

More so, authors today are also self-publishers. Self-publishing your own kindle books has challenges. But of course, you have to face all those to meet your goal and finish your book. Upon finishing your self-published piece, you will then experience the benefits. More is waiting for you so continue reading as this write up presents the simplest and easiest guide for self-publishing.

If you want to pursue on this, you will surely love this guide:

1.) The first step is to choose between KDP Select and KDP. Both of these will connect you to millions of kindle users. KDP Select is exclusive for kindle while KDP is not.

2.) The second step is Cover and Design. This is a very crucial part of your book. This is an attraction spot for readers and if your cover is plain and blunt, no one will ever buy it. So make it appealing. You may have two to three designs and then provide a survey to your readers on which cover is best.

3.) The third guide is to convert Manuscript to Mobi. Mobi is a format specific to kindle. The process will be quite long but it is worth so the next books you’ll make, you’ll know what to do and it will faster. The first time always seem hard but when you get used to it, your conversion will be done in no time.

4.) The fourth guide is to Publish and Set a price. Before the final publishing of your book, you’ll have to decide on this. After you have decided then you can finally issue your piece. This will take more or less eight hours. Recommend or send copies to your friends so your market will increase fast.

5.) The fifth step is to consider First Readers. A reward for your first readers will be a good idea. Think of ways to reward them.

6.) The last step is to Promote and Track Reviews. Market your book on social media sites and other possible marketing nooks.

Many successful authors have followed this kindle self-publishing guide and most of them have positive reviews. This is one of the most recommended guides you can use.

There are also other kindle self-publishing strategies you can use. You can search for them online or you can also research on successful kindle writers on what strategies they used for their volume.

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