Reading at Night with a KINDLE

Reading Light, Black, LED Reading Light, Book Light, E-Reader light, Verso

About the Product
  • Bright, even LED light illuminates the screen without any “hot spots”
  • Flexible neck adjusts to eliminate reflection or glare
  • Clip designed for Kindle. Clip width and depth insure secure, stable connection to the Kindle without interfering with the screen Read More


Clip Light
Verso Clip Light for E-Readers

By LightWedge

If you’re an avid bedtime reader, you’re certainly well acquainted with Snoozy McSnoozerson. No matter what that person lying next to you is named during waking hours, when consciousness settles into its daily twilight, and you need a bedtime story to take that final edge off, Snoozy’s saying a silent prayer your bedside lamp will suddenly burn out…and if you’re lucky, that’s all. Read More…