Kindle Is The Future: I Love My Kindle

Kindle Is The Future: I Love My Kindle

I have been an avid lover of books since I was old enough to read. My first chapter book was Black Beauty and I must have read that book a dozen or so times before it fell apart at the spine. Since then I’ve escaped into a book for the pure reason of simply switching off.

Yes, switching my brain off to the outside world, diving into the book and familiarizing myself with the characters and the adventures that they have from page to page. I have built a beautiful home with a gorgeous study, and I have wall to wall bookcases topped with my favorite books.

I’ve always read books to enhance my knowledge in all areas, preferring to read fiction, but often reading a non-fiction autobiography too. The thing I found though with non-fiction is, you cannot really switch off, you start to imagine what those people were feeling and going through in their lives, through their experiences I tend to over think the subject and get over sensitive to their situations, which sometimes causes me anxiety. So I tend to stay right away from the non-fiction, unless of course it’s a text book and I’m furthering my education.

With a study full of books, my mother one year decided to purchase a Kindle for me for Christmas, stating that the Kindle will save you so much room and money, as I was reading a book a week at times, and costing the household budget a small fortune. I was sceptical at first, simply because I’ve always enjoyed turning the pages of a book. The crispness of the pages and the smell of the pages as I read them for the first time was something that I had grown to love.

After setting up the Kindle for my use and with my very own Amazon account, I was to purchase my first book, which saved me a whopping $20AUD minimum per book. I was so happy about this, because this meant I could continue to read books at my fast pace, and not worry so much about the cost. There’s also a bunch of FREE books on Kindle and through your Amazon account there a special offers popping up all the time for $1.99USD books! This is great for all users, and every Kindle owner should be taking advantage of these little specials in my opinion.

My good friend’s husband once asked me whether a Kindle was worth it, as he was worried about the cost. I explained to him that over time the Kindle is so much cheaper than the real book purchase, as Amazon sells the books for mostly half price what you pay in a regular book store. If I mentioned that if he was anything like me, and read a book of about 300 pages every week, then you’d be making a massive saving of the entire year.  It wasn’t long before he was loving his Kindle too.


Author: Ammie Harm


Kindle Is The Future: Features

My Kindle is so unreal, that I cannot imagine every buying a fiction book again. As mentioned above I love reading fictional novels, from J.K. Rowling, to Nora Roberts and everything in between.

I’ve always read to the kids throughout their stages of growth too, and my daughter in particular, has really taken after me, in that she loves to read in her spare time for relaxation as well. To get back to my Kindle however, I needed to explain some really wonderful features that I thought were worth my purchasing a Kindle for my daughter too.

  1. Kindle’s have a light brightness function that you can set for yourself and your eyes. This won’t hurt your eyes whilst reading like being in front of a computer screen can.
  2. Kindle will automatically save the books you’ve purchased in your own little download and account area, so that you can go back and reread them if you desire.
  3. Kindle has this super cool function in case your eye sight isn’t that great, whereby, it will allow you to change the font size so that you can view the page more clearly.
  4. When tapping through the pages you can slide your finger with ease without pressing any buttons.
  5. Kindle has this super feature that tells you how far into the chapter you’ve read and how far you still have to read of the chapter before it ends.
  6. Kindle allows you to highlight your favourite text quotes
  7. Kindle lets you rate your experience after completing every book
  8. Kindle can store hundreds of books
  9. Kindle save me money on all my book purchases
  10. Kindle offer great book deals every single month

To recap why Kindle Is the Future, I would have to strongly suggest that you simply must have a Kindle on your book shelf. This little device has honestly saved me hours of time in travel to book stores, money from discounted book rates, and given me hours of enjoyment. Often lasting a good month before I need to recharge it again. The battery life on my Kindle is simply amazing. I wondered about this when I first received it, thinking that I’d need to charge it up every day. But I’ve honestly gone a good few weeks without charging it and it still performs in the same way. There’s a little hint when the battery starts to deplete and the screen goes a shade darker, but I don’t think that’s a concern. You just plug it in overnight and away you go again in the morning for another few weeks. Whomever thought of the eReader must have been very clever.

Author: Ammie Harm